Choose the Right Backpack

Your child will soon take the way to school. So you can choose the backpack to wear year-round. Attention. There are several rules to follow to avoid that your little angel recurring back pain. In here are ten that will facilitate your choice.

The size of the backpack

Exceed the size of the backpack of your Cherub or the width of the back, or the height of the shoulders. Choose a wider, for economic reasons, might cause her back in the first month of use. So take your child with you when you shop.

Researchers of the backpack

Ideally, your child’s backpack should be pasted on its back. It must also be attached high on the shoulders, so as to reduce, as much as possible, the risk of muscle or joint injury.

The straps of the backpack

In the same spirit, the backpack of your child should be fitted with padded straps. These must be wide enough to distribute the weight while protecting his shoulders. In addition, you must be able to adjust easily. It is also preferable that the bag is equipped with a chest strap and a belt at the waist for comfort.

The size of the backpack

Choose a backpack that is too big will inspire your child to fill it with unnecessary things which, of course, be added weight on his shoulders and his little legs. Choose a bag that will look you large enough to hold his books and his notebooks, without however allowing it to bring more volumes he needs.

A multipurpose backpack

Once you have selected a backpack a good width, equipped with comfortable straps, make sure that it is stocked with several pockets. You, or your child, can thus better weight distribution and, in so doing, maximize comfort on his small shoulders.

The weight of the backpack

Bags with frame, equipped with several gadgets, look very interesting. But each element adds an additional weight to the bag itself. For a child who attends primary school, the empty bag, with a capacity of 20 litres, should not weigh more than 500 grams, or 1.1 book. Weight (empty) bag of an adolescent should not exceed one kilo (2.2 pounds).

A bag too full

After you have selected the perfect bag for your child, you will need to undertake a work of education. Show him not to make the bare minimum necessary to perform its duties and its lessons. Does need to bring all of the binder or only the leaves that will turn the paper requested by the Professor? And the lessons to take home, as (s) book (s) need (s).

Remember that the weight of the bag, once full, may not exceed 10% of the weight of one who wears, regardless of his age.

Spread the weight

Your work as an educator does not stop there. You must also show your offspring, how evenly the weight inside the bag. The heaviest books will go to the Center, as close as possible back. The sheets of notes may be placed in one of the pockets; pencils too. Teaching to better distribute the weight, you will avoid him from frequent back pain.

Too much weight on the shoulders

Teach your child to wear the bag when it is strictly necessary. By removing the bag in the bus and putting it in her locker at school, he can ease his frail shoulders. A backpack with a handful will be also convenient for travel short distances.

The price of the backpack

Children grow, needs also. And a backpack purchase will result in a paid more or less important. Remember, however, that it will only be a year or two. After that, it will be too small for the back of your toddler and it no longer meets its academic needs. Choose a reputable brand, with the price attached, is not necessarily a good idea if you need to replace the bag the following year. Opt for a lower quality, ideally in painting equipment, unless you plan to use it for an another offshoot.

In the same vein, the bag showing figures in fashion this year will likely more “topical” be in two or three years. Choose instead a neutral bag that will withstand time and modes.

Also avoid nylon, plastic or polyester bags. They are not suitable for daily use.

These rules simple will avoid serious or permanent injury to your children. Remember that these are growing and that a backpack too big, or too heavy, could encourage him to have a bad posture or, worse, lead to a deformation of the spine. Besides, according to research by SIZEABLEHANDBAGS, one in three children has already suffered from back pain before they reach the age of nine while a teenager on two feels the back pain at least once a month.Think before you buy a bag that will make him more harm than good.