Choosing A Sports Bra For Large Sizes

In a blog intended to talk about sport between women could not miss this entry. And is that choosing a proper bra is key to feel comfortable doing sports. More so when we use large sizes.

The problem is that in almost no store we find special fasteners to make sport in large sizes. I attest to that. But we do not give up! Here we are going to do a brief analysis of the best-known brands of bras and how they fit in the case of wearing large size, plus what we have to ask our bra to do sport.

What Do We Mean By “Big Chest” Or “Big Sizes”?

When I talk about big sizes do not think I’m talking about a size 120D. Well, yes I talk about that, but also, and above all, I speak of those sizes that we no longer find in sports stores, and, interestingly, are very common. Thus, they are not too large sizes, but enough to have problems finding them in specialized models in sports in Decathlon, El Corte Inglés or similar.
For example, a size like a 95D is quite difficult to find. It is not a size too big, but, in sports brands apparently, it is more than what they usually have in stock, which usually happens almost never from a cup C is there no life beyond the C cup? If many of the women who practice sport carry more size…

What Should We Keep In Mind When Choosing A Good Sports Bra?

When choosing a sports bra, we must consider several things:

1) SUPER IMPORTANT: The level of impact of the sport you practice : Every sport has a different level of impact. In sports where there is a lot of beating (for example, volleyball, mountain bike, etc.), we need a bra with more support.

Here I leave a table with the level of impact that is usually have in different sports:

Very high grip need: Running, mountain biking, volleyball.

Medium need of support: Ski, step, tennis, basketball, skating.

Need to lower: Yoga, pilates, rowing, spinning

2) Seams: Many of the sports bras have no seams, or wear very few. Seams with continued movement can cause scratches. Try to choose a bra with few seams, and well finished.

3) Straps : The sports bras usually have the straps much wider than the normal ones. This makes the weight distribute much better.

4) With rings or without rings : The rings allow the fastener to stay in place and not lose its shape. However, not all women are comfortable with them, as they are sometimes nailed. In sports bras there are quite a few models that do not have hoops, and others that have other types of rigid lateral supports (instead of the typical hoop).

I remember when I started running (many years ago), there were still no sports bras as specialized as now. Then there were many girls who wore the double layer: put a bra on top of another. I assure you it is effective, although today it is better to buy a good bra nothing to see !.

How do I know if a sports bra has enough support?
The chest should be well picked up, it should not protrude from the bra. Most sports bras cover almost the entire chest, and, the higher the restraint, the larger they are.
The best thing is to do a test with a similar impact to the sport you practice: for example, if you run, try to take several jumps, and check that the chest does not bother you and do not move from your site.

Also check that it does not tighten too much, you have to be able to breathe like you would not wear it. The shoulder straps should not push your shoulders down, if that happens, you should loosen the straps a bit and try the strap again.

So, after analyzing the main brands and asking for opinions of more athletic friends, here are the results:

How Do I Know What My Bra Size Is?

The size is marked by 2 variants: the contour and the cup.
So, the outline is called with a number 95,100,110, … if you have more thorax, you will spend more contour size. Eye, the contour carving does not mean that you have more or less chest.
The cup itself depends on how much breast you have.
Thus, a thin girl with a lot of breast can wear size 80D, or another more plump and with less breast a 100A. Both parameters are independent.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there are several different sizes (European, French, USA, …). It is not the same 95C in a European size than in a French one.
In addition, in sports models it is very frequent to use a different size than in normal bras. That is why it is highly recommended to try the bras we are going to buy, and, above all, the recommendations of sizes of the brands. If we are going to buy on the Internet, they usually come with a measurement table: we measure and according to that we choose our size of contour and glass.

Breastfeeding: During breastfeeding the size can be changed. You probably use a different size during the lactation period before pregnancy.

Brands And Stores

Decathlon sports bras:
In Decathlon they have their own and another brand models that we will talk about later (ShockAbsorver). Of the other brand they do not have large sizes.

Of their own brand there are some larger size models, but, curiously, those in large sizes are the ones with the least hold (for low impact sports). Why would a girl wear a glass to have a high-impact bra? If someone needs a bra for big impacts are precisely the girls with large sizes and, of those sizes (from cup D), precisely, there are no such models.
So, friends, … if you play sports with little impact you will be worth these models. If you run, or you go mountain bike, or you do volley, or fight, or … well, nothing here is nothing for you.

Nike, Adidas:
Each time they have more models and more specialized in certain sports. We can find them in traditional stores. Of course, we must look for models specific to the sport that we practice.

Lapasa, The Island, TongShi:

These brands of bras are quite good, have many sizes and also have a great value. The good thing is that they have many different models, that adapt well to the chest, and that we can choose the best options for each one: with or without rings, with or without filling, for high impact, … also great price, since almost All models are between 10 and 20 euros, something not frequent in this type of sports bras. Amazon has a fairly large catalog of these brands: see catalog of fasteners

Shock Absorber:
The queen of sports bras and… one of the most difficult to find in Spain in large sizes.
Of this brand have many models, specific for different levels of impact.
You can find this mark for example in El Corte Inglés, peeero … happens just like in Decathlon, which for larger glasses of the C only have models for low impact, that will not serve you for running, cycling, etc.

There are enough of this brand in Amazon, on this page , but it’s a real mess! Please, someone put order in the list of models. They are all there mixed, that, if you are lucky and you find your size and the model that you want well then, but they do not have all the models nor all the sizes.

There is another page, called Plus-size-tips, which is quite good and have many models, including large size bra and do have a lot of information on each bra, and they send it in a few days. The bras are all available sizes, good service and delivery in a few days. In addition, they classify all the fasteners by level of impact reason why it is quite easy to find the one that best adapts to our sport. A 10, come on.

And you, what is your favorite brand of sports bras? Do you also have problems finding your size in the big shopping centers ?. Tell us in the comments (if you tell me of any other brand I will add it to the list )