Choosing Swimwear

Style Security and beach is hardly synonymous with each other. Often they go baggy surf shorts and faded bathing suit on. Therefore defies our site weather today to tell stylish models.

Perhaps the biggest question is badbyxornas length. Knee surf shorts have become the standard model of Swedish beaches. Although the model does not need to be speedos-short is often slightly shorter models preferred, which for most cell types are much more flattering than baggy surf shorts. A classic length ending more than four inches above the knees fits most. Even shorter models impose admittedly far greater demands on the carrier, but need not be entirely wrong. Looking at the detailed design can be handy pockets to carry your wallet or mobile phone when swimming trunks dried.

The low-key choose a stripped-down model, for example, khaki or navy blue that can be used both as shorts and swimwear. Otherwise shorts undoubtedly a garment which allows bright colors and patterns. One tip is to downplay the tone colors by wearing a white linen shirt over. And remember that the flowery shorts only belong on the beach, not in town.