Chunky Knits

Rib or cable or plain knit. A colorful or drab autumn. Cardigan or turtleneck. Choosing a knit sweater for autumn season is a delicate problem. To facilitate our site has selected some favorites.

Get garments are so grateful to wear during autumn and winter months as they open knit sweaters. At the beginning of the season, they are a perfect substitute to the outer coat, while the heats nice when winter seriously reaches the country. Choosing the model can be a bit tricky. Pullover with round or v-neck collar is a classic that can be worn both relatively dressy to casual with jeans and t-shirt. Cardiganen is a stylish alternative to the jacket and worn with advantage to the shirt and tie. For those seeking a truly warm sweater turtleneck sweater is an unbeatable option.

To take advantage of his shirt a maximum, it is important to be careful with the material. The advantage of the finer material is breathability. Really thick wool sweaters are often completely impossible to be worn indoors, while Kashmir and merino wool is often possible to wear both indoors and outdoors.