Claim You! and Wearing Your T-Shirt with Message

The t-shirts with messages they have become trend. Numerous firms launch t-shirts and sweatshirts with sententious phrases, some loaded with irony and other optimists, but always striking. Now that approaching the new year, they are perfect purposes, hopes and goals to also look in your outfits. Claim you! and wearing your t-shirt with message.

Pains promise

One of the successes of Pains promise they are beautiful shirts. The firm launches new models with new messages each season and raze. Celebrities bet much on its models with new and so funny phrases as “forget my triumph”, “only tears that run my rimmel of joy”, “If your tell me see…”, and basic CDA season: “I can promise and promise he not had more pain in my life”.

Victoria rock

Adds a casual touch to your looks with original sweatshirts of Victoria rock. Combine them with pillo pants or leggings and get a female outfit with sport allusions. I love the grey sweatshirt with mirror! and it is that many of the models are combined with drawings.

Feel time

Feel time It is a new t-shirt firm headed by Elena. She has wanted to reflect their feelings in designs of short sleeve and long sleeve in various colours and with dedicated love phrases: “I have a secret”, “You’re my favorite”, “Do not tell me stories” o “Feel the moment”. They are also very economical.

Altona Dock

T-shirt / Sweatshirt dress are two proposals of Altona Dock, perfect for a sporty styling or a field day. This brand tissues are fabulous.

Triana by C

Cristina and Berta Triana are responsible for signing Triana by C. Its collections are very personal, and in the case of t-shirts, opt for the simplicity of their messages and in its designs of long sleeves and gray suderas.


A casual look You can get it with t-shirts from Dandara, perfect to wear with jeans and stylish accessories. You delight!

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