Claudia Schiffer, Two Looks, Two Covers for This Summer

The Queens are always Queens, and although they removed during a season when they want to return and triumph. In this way it dose work Claudia Schiffer, because he always had an extraordinary beauty and very few can say that they starring two covers of the large in two consecutive months such as the German version of Vogue and Harper´s Bazaar.

On the cover of Vogue represents pure sophistication mixed with enigmatismo thanks to the mask of lace that hints at the look, red lips and waves to the water make the rest, with a spectacular mane, as always has worn the German supermodel.

On the other hand on the cover of Bazaar Harper´s see a Claudia Schiffer with a much more summery look, ideal for living in Capri and not lose one iota of glamour, although we could say that you it’s a beach look sophisticated with stripes matching the swimwear pamela and bikini without missing a intense makeup that focuses on looking eyes smoky black, leaving the lips in the background.

Two looks for two different situations, without losing elegance and sex appeal. The truth is that I see on both covers gorgeous Claudia without be able to choose between one or the other, both looks feel for what it is, a great model.