Clothing Overlays: Why Don’t You Try?

We love a new outfit, right? But when can we innovate and assemble a new look with a play that we already have? That’s better yet: the pocket and the environment thank you. A very simple and quick way to renew a look and give a new use to a play, is mounting overlays – feature we see a lot on the boards of Pinterest, but we end up using little in real life, don’t you think?

Is that when the word is “overlap”, we already think in winter, layers to protect from the cold and in “How do I use this in this Senegalese heat, Deusdocéu?”. For now that summer has taken a rest, you can go back to thinking about overlays and we get more free to test looks that can even work well even in days of heat + air conditioning, right? In this vibe of ~ tests, thinking about some overlays for you to try:

Blouse + Dress

There’s a chance to give a new face to that little dress you love, but you’re tired of it. The blouse + dress combo can work in various shapes: with a more dry blouse underneath the dress (works super well with cropped), with a T-shirt underneath giving a more sporting and cool air, with T-shirt or oversized sweater on top “turning” the dress in skirt. It’s fresh, comfortable and any other look without spending anything. Still rolls to give a a knot on the shirt or button shirt on the dress, it gets a charm-fluffy.

The possibilities are infinite and is very helpful for the coldest days. Instead of putting on a jacket or jacket over the dress, you can put a shirt on the bottom and it’s ready.

Long Vest on everything

Another overlap option that falls super well in this autumn major weirdness (and even in the summer) is the long vest, which goes super fashionable. You can use over warmer or fresh clothes and they give a more grace to look, you know? It could be the main part, but it can also be just a charminho. It is versatile and you can choose a lighter to place over warmer parts, or choose a heavier and that heats more for the cooler days and also choosing a heavier vest to put over fresher parts. There are countless choices. You just choose what suits you best.

The most classical: Shirt + sweater

Despite the very little winter we have here, our climate varies greatly. We wake up dying of cold and comes half a day already sweating (mostly here in the river) and not always (almost never) we have the clothes prepared for so many variations. A nothing new idea, but very helpful for these days, is to use the good old sweater over a shirt. Both the shirt and the sweater can be more fresh and make a super beautiful look as we already know.

That’s not a novelty idea, but of course we can repaginate. Outside that it’s an opportunity to use that winter piece that we hardly ever have the opportunity to use. Have you ever thought of wearing more shorts (cropped) sweater on the shirt? It works super and it’s worth a try. If you are wearing a printed shirt, you can fold the sleeve over the sweater sleeve and add a beautiful and colorful information to the look. And when you get that heat from 40 º, just take off your sweater and you look beautiful the same way! 😉

Do you usually use overlays?