Clothing Printer-Recycle Old Clothing and Prints New Friends

3D printing technology is in vogue and is, as we have been frequently reported, sooner or later conquer the world. Dozens of examples from the 3D-Druck-Bereich have pointed out the potential of this technology and also Joshua Harris, a passionate industry raves about the possibilities that go with 3D printing along Designer. His concept of Clothing Printer was to design, awarded a prize at one of the well-known Electrolux design competitions, which are held every year to groundbreaking concepts for everyday. And rightfully so. The clothing printer concept prints not only clothes, but recycles old clothes by it every single atom of old materials is to to put them again in a completely new piece of clothing together. Clothing printer learn more here in the trends of the future blog.

Clothing Printer – Recycle Your Clothes And Prints New Friends

Why buy new clothes, when then new T-Shirts and trousers to print the simply recycle old clothing and is the fabric? This question has turned industrial designer Joshua Harris and the “clothing”printer supplied for the Electrolux design competition. The present 3D printing is not ready, is technology to dismantle any material at atomic level and then newly together to implement it, but precisely in this direction, it is. According to Prof. Neil Gershenfeld of the Massachusets Institute of technology, the inventor of the world-wide “digital fabrication Labs”, is one of the main objectives of the FabLab community to develop such a machine. For so had to throw away garbage not every piece, but it could put in a 3D-Recycler and create this completely new things. The waste mountains of our world would then no longer filled, but flushed with the time.

Selecting New Clothes Via Interface

The core technology that is required for the realization of a Clothing Printers this kind is clearly the recycling technology. You could disassemble things on an atomic level in a simple and fast process and then reassemble it, then selecting new clothes via an interface as shown on the picture would be to see the simplest task. Based on the atoms which are available, could imagine the calculator then new clothes, clothes add other atoms from previouslyrecycled and so on then a new T-Shirt, a new jacket or what ever to fabricate. The question is no longer whether so a technology will be available at some point, but when the clothing printer is realized. The entire community of FabLab aims and many idealists will, if one counts all “fabrication Labs’ together. We assume that a machine as described above, at least be in the 2030s to the market and brings to the world on the path to decimate the gigantic mountains of waste.