Collar Height

The basis for a stylish shirt is just as much in height and width. One detail to balance both the wearer’s neck as the collar of his jacket and tie while providing a stylish case. But finding the right among all the collars are not easy.

Shirt manufacturers like to talk about concepts such as cutaway, full and normal spreads. Unfortunately, there is talk entitled rarely skjortkragens height, which is at least as important for the overall impression. For style-collar fills an important function by giving your neck a more dressed-esteem and frame the face. One gets low cut collar can easily give your neck a disproportionate tapered impressions, and vice versa for a person with a short neck.

Likewise will detail important lapel collar shape. A good guideline is that the collar of his jacket to cover half the shirt collar. This gives a face and at the same time balanced impression. Many Italian manufacturers like to raising collar further to give the wearer more authoritative, but then they too jackets with relatively wide collar and wide stroke. Thus far nothing it wants to embrace the ’60s slim silhouette suit. Below are some examples.