Comercial Kirman, the Watchmaker Sector and More More

Hello again! In these days I have been thinking that we need to talk more about issues related to watches , so as I always bring you surprises, I wanted to make a post dedicated to the company ” Comercial Kirman ”, I will show you what they do and I will speak What is this company about?

Comercial Kirman is specialized in the tools for watchmaking and jewelry , so it seems to me that this is the first time that I speak of a company dedicated to the sale of tools to make pieces of watchmaking and jewelry, that is why I will try to be very specific About what they sell and I will also talk about their school of watchmaking , something that I found very interesting.

What is”Commercial Kirman”?:

Comercial Kirman is a company dedicated to importing fixtures and tools for the professionals of the watchmaking and jeweler sector , always trying to offer quality at competitive prices.They are official distributors of the leading European manufacturers of jewelery and watchmaking (Bergeon, Witschi Electronics, Greiner Vibrograf AG, Elma, Kern and Horotec) and importers in major international markets according to THERELIGIONFAQS.

Since 1980, they supply Spain and Portugal with everything they need in tools and supplies for a perfect after-sales service in watchmaking and jewelery shops. To have a taste of it, you can visit their catalogs . In these years of experience, they have developed a great organizational and logistical capacity to ensure a service according to the needs of the professional.

Tools for watchmaking:

If you just start in the field of watchmaking, then you’re in the right place, because you’ll find ALL you need, from tools to backgrounds to welds.

Watch Findings:

Crystals, plates, circuits, gaskets, pocket chains, bevels, kits, kites, are some of the options you will find in this wide category.

I’m sure you will not know which options to choose, because as I said before, there is a lot of variety.

Tools for jewelry:

We arrived at the preferred category by all … jewelry.Goldsmithing is one of the professions that most of our readers have, that is why I also thought it would be ideal to speak of this category, since many will be of great help.

In Comercial Kirman we can find the necessary products to make our jewelry, such as: UV enamels, engraving, polishing, electropolishing, microfusion, laminate, jewelry tools and much more.

Other products:

There are a lot more options and it’s a bit complicated to mention most, but I always try to show everything about a brand. We will find batteries , straps, stencils, hand tools (something very important too), optics, earrings, piercings, puncture kits and even an outlet area , with the best offers and prices.

School of watchmaking:

Comercial Kirman has started a new project aimed at all its clients, in which, following the line of help to the professionals of the watch and jewelery sector, have created a School of Watchmaking with an extensive program of exclusive and intensive modules. Your clients will be able to start, continue or perfect their skills as watchmakers in order to offer a better service with the highest professionalism to their clients.

They will have very practical and theoretical courses that cover all aspects, from the most basic to the most advanced actions to perform in the workshop.This is a great opportunity for all those who want to start in the sector.(The School of Watchmaking will teach its courses throughout Spain in most of the autonomous communities).


The course has a total of 4 very informative modules, each with an approximate duration of 8 and 12 hours.For more information, you can send a message to your email: our site.

Who is it aimed at? –

The Watchmaking School is aimed at the sector of professional watchmakers, as well as all amateurs of watchmaking and people who want to start in this sector.

How to register? –

Too easy!Just call 954 563 712 and you can also contact them by e-mail: our site.

If you liked everything that this company offers and you want to contact them, then you can visit their website , Facebook , Twitter and especially Youtube , where you will find many informative videos that will help you with any questions you may have.

Finally, I invite you to visit your store , since there are many of the products I mentioned and more.

Until next time!