Comfortable Shoes for Pregnancy

Before the arrival of the baby, pregnant women often have the feeling of heavy legs and ankles that swell. Better to opt for comfortable shoes that support your ankles and not too high pitched.

Comfortable Shoes for Pregnancy

Match your shoes to your new pregnant woman silhouette

With the weight of baby, can make you feel less in balance. Pregnant, your center of gravity moves forward and that is why it should opt for shoes primarily stable and comfortable. The heels are not recommended, but do not choose too high, which could intensify the curve of your spine and cause pain to the lower back. 3 cm heels are the most recommended, because the models too flat may cause subsidence at the soles. During pregnancy, your blood flow is more difficult, especially in the legs. This is one reason why it is advisable to raise the legs. The boots are also prohibited. They tighten around your legs and make blood flow more difficult. They can also promote the appearance of varicose veins .

Spare your back with stable shoes

To fit you, the BESTAAH.COM recommends maternity shoes and stable sandals instead of boots. Consider also that your feet may swell and the best is to take shoes with a size up from what you normally strap on. It is advisable to have a physical activity , be it walking, gym “soft” or simply shopping. Take good shoes that let your feet breathe, that does not compress and which are appropriate to the activity to which you want to dedicate yourself. Prefer leather shoes, a material that allows oxygen to circulate and that adapts to the shape of your feet. These will not be compressed. Walking at ease, you reduce the pressure that you impose on your spine and back. With light and comfortable shoes, your approach is simplified. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist if you have any doubts. Book your heels to the post-pregnancy. For now, go for comfort above all. With tired legs, your pregnancy is a health walk!