Connect USB Devices to Your Tablet

Surely more than once you ACE asked if you can connect a flash drive to your mobile phone or tablet. This allows some terminals, mostly tablets and OTG or USB On The Go is called.

This feature of Android is available on all phones that have input MicroUSB and attaches a memory with a cable that connects to the terminal and the pendrive.

Can all terminals use OTG?

Not all, virtually all tablets have this system, but some like the Samsung Galaxy TAB 7 does not work simply because the MicroUSB port does not provide the power to the Flash drive not detecting it. Is to our phone to detect the Flash drive must be capable of supply power to the device to plug it in.

Usually devices that allow you to connect devices through USB indicated it in its features and is as simple as check it on the website of the manufacturer according to shopareview.

If you have a terminal that is not able to offer power always we can solve this problem by attaching the OTG cable to our device, and a usb hub that has a transformer that we can connect to the mains so it will provide the necessary 5v devices you connect so they are detected by the tablet or phone. Although it is clear that when using this option, we have the hassle of needing a Plug and other intermediate device losing mobility.

How access data that exist in the pendrive which I have connected via OTG?

Many terminals do not have an application of scanning file that allows us to navigate through the USB. The ideal is to install the application ES file explorer, since this application we can choose that device we want to access, connected through USB devices are likely to receive the name of USBext1, memory card internal sdcard0 and the SD memory card is called extSdCard.

Testing with USB and OTG devices.

Some of the tests we have done with this Protocol has been to see if a memory card reader works by connecting it via OTG, and in our tests with tablets of Energy Sistem and Unusual has been detected correctly but only detected one of the two cards that we had connected the reader.

If you connect a USB OTG through hub we obtain the same result, If we connect two pen drives or just USB flash drives detected one of the two pendrives.

The rest of has detected them devices individually perfectly, personally to my OTG is something very useful to perform backup copies or to be able to play multimedia files or documents directly from a pendrive.