Contrast Collar

Shirt with white contrast collar, better known as brokerage shirt, often dismissed as a symbol of brash yuppie fashion. And the failure of the examples is undoubtedly more than successful. But as a garment, is it really wrong?

The idea to produce shirts with white contrast collar is originally from the UK. Long was white, the only really accepted color for shirts, clearly revealing about the wearer could afford to wash their shirts. Once more colorful fabrics came under discussion among contemporary businessmen arose a compromise with the white collar to a deviant shirting. When was the rule skjortkragarna also removable, which further made this a practical solution.

And this is nothing more than a typical business shirt. To wear it on the nightclub will be with very few possible exceptions totally wrong. Likewise do, this skjortyp clearly best to tie. To avoid the worst Gordon Gekko-style, it is best to go for a very light due to the contrast with the white collar will not be too noticeable. Preferably with a dark blue or purple tie in subtle patterns.