Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer, a Catwalk Full of Talent (I)

Henrik Vibskov w/v 2012

Whenever we speak of the fashion capitals the same names come to light, Paris, Milan and in minor scale New York and London, and is that these four cities have earned the title pulse, years of tradition, many editions on their backs, or rather their backstage, and of course great names of fashion and signatures rather than consecrated. That’s rarely pay attention to runways of less media coverage, but not exempt of talent and good work.

East case of Capenhagen Fashion Week that just celebrated its latest edition in the Danish capital, and which proposals have been submitted for the next season of Spring/summer 2012 according to, four days full of fashion, in which the Streets of Copenhagen have adorned for the occasion, and at all points of the city was breathing an atmosphere of the most trendy.

And is that the Scandinavian countries they have a sixth sense for this dress, and in the same way his vision of fashion is different and has a very avant-garde point. That’s why, in this special we propose a review for the best of this emerging talent-laden runway.

Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov is without a doubt the most consolidated this catwalk designer and his name is associated with the aesthetics Street latest, their outfits and sets impossible sometimes does not leave no one indifferent.

Henrik knows her fashion is not for the general public, but likewise has managed to have a trail of fans who follow closely its daring proposals and that they also buy them, that in these times in which we are is important not only a setting in scene, but also sell Collections. Their success is reflected in the rather than go their official stores, Copenhagen, Oslo and New York, which joined many multi-brand, in addition to the online selling points.

For the upcoming summer season shows rather more moderate that at other times, investing in basic garments of very retro inspiration, which are presented in very bold colours that also fun. Bermuda in colors as the raspberry or metallic grey, sweaters of ajour or in zig-zag multicolored, y print swimwear Tye-dye that combined with white shirts and that they dispense with necktie.

Very original backpacks of floral print, the sympathetic triple-rimmed glasses and the berets oversize in black felt. One of the key items and returns with force is the padded vest, Vibskov in electric blue.

Magnus Loppe

Magnus Loppe based his work Re-interpretation constant of the traditional menswear. For the next bet by sober summer monochrome sets, in which grace lies in the game of the silhouettes and the Forms, straight and sober but at the same time very rare.

Garments that flirt with the effect layer on layer, or short over long, although they are actually ‘trompe l’oeil’. Looks that take the masculine tailoring as main theme for restructure and – build it in a minimal result Although quite Galactic and futuristic.

Astrid Andersen

Astrid Andersen with only three collections behind this young woman is a waste of talent recognized by magazines such as Vogue Italy, which in 2010 already named her as one of the most prodigious young designers. Its very peculiar style and could be called as ‘chandalero-chic’, Although it may seem to many rare, has received criticism from more positive.

Its know-how nearing the younger, with a unique blend that combines elements of Street, but presented with more typical Fabrics sewing of a ready-to-wear luxury, they have made this Danish a wonder that needs to keep track of well closely.

Faithful to its style sporty Astrid bet with the tracksuit as Star turn, but not one either, sporting groups that mix silk with cotton, gauze and lace-up in the same piece. Or jerseys presented in full color with serigraphs inspired prints in the Hawaiian style. Metallic finishes and colors ranging from gray scale to black and that is accented with intense tones like lilac, Bordeaux or Fuchsia or others as salmon pink, in an overall aesthetic that breathes some eighties air.


Silas Adler It created its brand Soulland in 2002 and began with simple collections of printed t-shirts, but soon made the leap to the preparation and did supported by criticism and also by the public, and in time record saw its collections were requested at various points of sale of USA and Europe. His peculiar vision of men’s fashion have made position in a whole make a reference in fashion of the Scandinavian countries, with several awards that recognized its good.

For next season it offers us sets total looks in light of large and colorful fabrics floral prints, or more moderate outfits consisting of pants shorts dress also coordinated with flower shirts and shades black and white. And likewise it presents marked outfits isnpiracion navy both the forms and the chromatic)Blue, beige, white), much more classic that is re-intrepretan so spring parts as the knee or gabardine bermuda.