Cotton Suit

For those who want to wear a suit in a relaxed manner is cotton suit almost inevitable. For many a stylish alternative to everyday clothing, while seasoned costume carriers rather see it as a well-dressed holiday attire.

Not infrequently associated suit, garment for finmiddagen. One picture, many manufacturers attempted to alter recent seasons by embracing a more-dramatic approach to the suit garments. Both through washed off materials as a more natural cut.

In terms of style makes the cotton suit clearly the best in a soft natural silhouette, happy without construction. Secondly, the contrast between formal business id and this material available is often too great. Since cotton is a material that largely conforms to the wearer, which further argues for a body close to average. The advantage then is that the jacket can be combined with, for example, a pair of chinos or jeans in a natural way.

An important argument for cotton suiting is that it gets a nice patina after use. There is absolutely nothing for the costume wearer who wants to access a välstruken feeling, but this is a garment for people who like clothes with use character. Note, however, not to choose a too thin fabric, which makes life (especially the pants) will suffer.