Customized Sweatshirts

If you are looking for how customized sweatshirts for your group of music, to create your brand of clothing, workwear, sports events, associations, either to raise money for your end of year trip, we bring you some tidbits!

The best techniques for making custom hoodies are screen printing and embroidery. (Although if you are interested, we offer other methods of printing such as vinyl and digital printing.)

Precisely we recently made several requests for custom sweatshirts for our domestic customers, but also for Italy and France, as the 2 example today.

Sweatshirts silk-screened

These sweatshirts printed in silkscreen gone direct to Italy! Screen printing is a technique very resistant and of high quality. It is the preferred system for designers and the face of promotional textile.

The client has chosen hoodies thick sweatshirts Sols Slammodel. With Pocket babysitting, adjustable drawcord and a wide variety of colors!

Embroidered sweatshirts

For resistance even greater and to increase the value of the garments, we advise you to embroidery. Unmatched quality!
Interestingly, for stamping these sweatshirts for France have mixed 2 techniques: embroidery for the shield, and screen printing to 1 ink for drawing back.

The sweatshirts Roly hood are also Basic hoodies with lace and Kangaroo pocket, but something finer than the Sols Slam.

You have to take into account 2 basic things when it comes to ask you how to print sweatshirts:

  • Front: remember that we do not put on the seams, so don’t forget the Kangaroo Pocket! Ideally, stamp your logo in the heart or a more square design, but that did not arrive until down. In the event that your design is very vertical, we advise you to choose without Pocket sweatshirts.
  • Back: we recommend to take into account the hood, which can hinder the visibility of your design. Sometimes clients choose to stamp the design below.

Any questions that you may have, we are here to help you!