Decorative Stickers for Living Room

More and more are easy to customize to your House, and simple solutions and tasteful arise each year. After decorating with mirrors is now time of decorating with stickers. The also called Stickers or Decorative Stickers for living room ended up invading every room in the House.

A smooth wall says nothing by itself, as the paint is new, expressed an empty, but with the help of a nice bumper sticker she comes alive. The themes are varied, as well as the colors, soon you can easily find a reason that will close with all your decor.

Some phrases are also used, figures, landscape, abstract designs, anyway from your creativity in the moment of choice for your stay even more beautiful environment. As well as all the decorating tips very becomes little, so if you choose to put stickers on your living room wall is paramount to select one of the walls, are put in all turns what would be nice in excess of information.

The living room is the environment in which the family gathers to watch, relax and chat, right choice of cheerful motifs is welcome. Split up some stickers so that you have no idea how the environment is modified and more beautiful with them. prices vary according to the brand and size of stickers, but are between R$40 and 300.
This is a simple tip so that you don’t spend with both reforms and not with mobile Exchange, renewing your environment easily.

Tips to paste the adhesive on the wall of your room:

-the wall must be clean;

-use a spatula;

-If it is great piece for someone help paste;

-always wipe with damp cloth.