Demi Moore Cover of W Magazine

I’m sure that when you see the cover, once again you morireis with envy. And is that Demi Moore is incredibly pretty, attractive and sexy to his nearly 47 years, serving them within two days.

The actress is gorgeous, on the cover of the December issue of the W Magazine, wearing a mini-dress loaded with tacks, with cleavage and gold in “ V ” and shoulders fringed. And what I like most is the handkerchief crossed by way of skirt, call it somehow. A very original design in the collection Balmain spring/summer 2010.

The cover, by the prestigious Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, It is clear that there is photoshop, but despite all Moore is fantastic.

And in indoor photos which you can see below, wears a beautiful black dress, adjusted in the body and with ruffle skirt, that feels great.

To my likes and my score is 8, and yours?