Designer Sneakers 2.0

You who exclusively wears welted leather shoes from brands 200-year heritage and sees trainers as “something for the tennis court” can stop reading now. This post will namely be about right sneakers. Or worse designer sneakers.

Long has it been said that the designer sneakers are the most tasteless available. And in many cases it is patently obvious that the big fashion houses have realized the advantage of heel shoes that actually would have cost 5-600 bucks for it tenfold by flashy brands.

Although this is never likely to be a product category for those who want the best value for money so things are starting to change. Common Projects proved with his brutally simple idiom that it is possible to combine exclusive sneakers with style. More and more manufacturers now seem to go away from brand baiting to instead focus on the more lavish materials with subtle branding.

For it can not escape the fact that trainers now have an obvious place in the modern skogarderoben. And apart from models with flashy logos to the shape to actually be quite nice.

New York-based Common Projects is a success story without equal in recent seasons where the simple recipe is uncluttered form with stylish materials. Include buying via the C-Store.

Tod’s betting this season in a much more relaxed design with boat shoes and especially sneakers.

Barker Blacks concepts through döskallemotiv make leather shoes a little more rock ‘n roll takes this season expression in a couple of classic white sneakers adorned with the brand’s characteristic broguemönster. (Image: Bergdorf Goodman)

Lanvin sneakers have long been hot game among modehipsters and Hollywood stars. When Michelle Obama during a charity event appeared in a couple created the heavy headlines. One side called it totally reckless to raise money for the homeless in a pair of sneakers for 4000, while others praised her for her modern style.