Detail Level: Mackintosh

Scottish Mackintosh, has since 1823 been a pioneer manufacturers of waterproof garments. Recent seasons have the mark with his classic shape and consistently high functionality experienced a new renaissance. Our site eye mark perhaps the most classic model the seams to see what it is that distinguishes a real mac.

Mackintosh mainly characterized by its waterproof material that brand’s founder Charles Macintosh patented the 1823. The foundation was a tightly woven cotton fabric coated with a thin layer of rubber. The original versions had big problems with smelly odor, rigid form, and some versions melted in the heat. Later, technology has come to be refined to today’s almost completely water-repellent material. The basic principle of treating the fabric with rubber is the same.

Rain tightness extends far beyond the material itself. Construction itself is made to withstand rain in the best way, which is particularly evident on the inside where many of summer are taped to prevent water from seeping in.

The garments are manufactured in Scotland Cumbernauld and sewn largely by hand. Each employee is forced to undergo three years of specialized training in Mackintosh’s own factory to meet brand requirements. Besides its own brand manufactures Mackintosh outerwear under license for companies such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Gieves & Hawkes.

Identification Mackintosh has abbreviated mac come to include similar outer garments from a variety of manufacturers. The model in the picture is called Duncan and characterized, as well as many other macs in its hidden button closure, folding collar and three-quarter length. Mackintosh full-scale collection ranges, however, from the classic rain coats and winter coats to sports jackets. For those who want a totally unique mac Mackintosh offer a bespoke service in its flagship store on Mount Street in London, where the customer can sew up an overcoat entirely to their liking. Currently there are nearly 70 fabrics to choose from, and about 380 adjustable features. The shop also houses the brand’s full scale range.

The removable ullfodret increase usage occasions for this model significantly. Apart from the very coldest winter and the summer’s hottest days are the Macintosh a difficult team selections in the rain.

Since the breathability of the treated material is almost non-existent fill vents an important function to let in air and avoid a sweaty feeling.

Even though the brand last year adopted a slightly more figure-hugging cut, the silhouette is far from super slim. the Macintosh are made to be worn with relatively many layers underneath. Likewise, making the material that the garment should not be worn too tight, which can impede air circulation and give a sweaty feeling.