Detail Level Malo

Our site continues his series of articles Level of detail that highlights crafts from some of the world’s top manufacturers. Today Italian cashmere king Malo.

What mainly distinguishes better manufacturers of knitwear is an extremely selective range of yarns and raw wool. Malo use as Brunello Cucinelli and Loro Piana cashmere exclusively from inner Mongolia and Tibet. The harsh conditions make the goats in these areas developed a very dense undercoat of fine-scale fibers to protect themselves against the cold. Better manufacturers are using only the coat of kashmirgetens throat and stomach that can only be combed out once a year, which makes the offer very limited. The rule requires a cashmere sweater annual production of wool from about five goats. Worse cashmere sweaters often uses wool with significantly shorter fibers from the goat’s back or legs, which gives sweater to reduced respiratory capacity and significantly shorter lifespan.

The rich hue shift is a result of yarns dyed separately. Ready-knitted shirts dyed in retrospect often perceived as somewhat flatter in their color scheme and risks fade after use.

Characteristic of better cashmere sweaters is the density of knitting. Often, the terms gauge and ply. Gauge is somewhat simplistic a measure of how tightly the machine can knit a fabric, while the ply indicates how many threads twisted in the finished yarn. Single-ply fabrics are very dense and light, which is best suited for spring or summer shirts. Yarns with a higher number of ply’s give a thicker and heavier knitting.

A brand new cashmere sweater feel often quite hard, which is because the manufacturer has chosen to wash the relatively little and instead let sweater soften after use. Worse manufacturers do not wash their shirts seldom very hard to make sense to be as soft as possible, which also makes the sweater easier lose shape. Another important aspect to mention is that darker colors usually require little stronger washing.

Another quality feature that is well worth looking into is the jersey stitches. The network seams gives a more comfortable feeling in the collar, sleeves and waist, and also makes the shirt to better retain their shape after use.

Malo was founded in 1972 in Florence. The brand quickly won supporters for its sophisticated luxury and style became a serious competitor to many of the British manufacturers. The headquarters will remain in Florence, but all production of knitted takes place today in Piacenza. Among the brand’s customers names like George Clooney, Catherine Deneuve and Angelina Jolie.