Different Types of Pajamas

Often simply bought to replace the old, and in most cases chosen by taking into account only the fabric and color,pajamas become for most of us a real existential problem when it is time to sleep with someone.

It may be the first trip with the school, the first romantic weekend for two or the first night with our new partner to transform the pajama issue in a real disaster there full of anxiety and worry.

Actually get down on our heels 12 and take away our favorite dress, the one that has all the features to make us look flawless, is always worrying, but the pajamas was born to make us feel comfortable and to enjoy the evening relaxing before going to sleep, that’s why we need to focus on a model that makes us feel completely at ease.

classic pajamas

About 80% of women choose to go to sleep the classic pajamas, from the cutting and simple, warm fantasy, convenient and absolutely perfect to go unnoticed and avoid any kind of thought.
Everyone, in fact, thinking about it in my pajamas there imagine the case at all, so I would say is the right choice for the most timid and those who do not like being the center.

Fleece suit

Ironic and somewhat over the top, the Tutone fleece is definitely recommended for the most chilly, but choose to wear it also means wanting to draw upon if taunts of all kinds.
And ‘in fact the classic pajamas when you see it She wears a little girl it is irresistible, but on a woman is really a bit ‘risky, and maybe it’s not ideal to overcome in a few minutes the pajama embarrassment.

And ‘why the right pajamas for all those women who have a great sense of humor, love to turn any moment into an opportunity to laugh and have fun and have a great irony.

Night gown

The nightgown is really pretty and it can be a tasty choice and saucy; definitely a bit ‘of attention the raises, but the thoughts are definitely all positive.
It must, however if you are not in the habit of wearing it every day, will not be very comfortable and show it off our appearance will be awkward and not at all at ease; if so best avoided! And ‘ideal for the woman so prissy, tidy and not at all out of place even during the deepest sleep.

Silk pajamas

Silk pajamas is of timeless elegance that will suit every type of woman, and you really can not resist. Chosen usually by older women, it can be worn by younger women with no problems, as long as the location is up and not run the risk of seeming out of place.


Unless it is a night with our faithful companion of life, the petticoat is very little suited to overcome the embarrassment pajama time.
And ‘then indicated only and exclusively for an evening where we want to be sexy at all costs or for those women so sexy in a natural way that even to go to sleep do not put aside their personality.