Divers or Monkeys, The Garment Star Season

The Monkey / divers They’re gone getting fashionable little by little, were first in a parade and then dared to take them some famous. But This spring It seems to be to produce the true emergence and we have divers everywhere, especially in its longer version, although personally I do more appealing in short.

Catwalk nude and Tuxedo style seen in colors in Stella McCartney, jewelry and black in Dries Van Noten or intended to take to work and gray in Giorgio Armani.

Other designers as Yigal or Phillip Lim they did not want to be less and they have shown us their proposals for divers to wear this summer. If we want you to be sophisticated, high-heeled shoes are obligatory.

But this year will see the monkeys not only in more advanced stores in fashion, but also in stores where all buy. In the new collection of Mango Spring-Summer 2009 already on sale are several different models, with a very eighties air, black and blue, and a sportier version in beige.

English marks as ASOs and Topshop they have also signed up to this trend. Topshop you have monkeys in black and colors more eye-catching as green, blue, or pink. And the proposal at cowboy wash to acid that was in the safe show that convince more than one and more than two. In ASOs There is a model in black and one with a very psychedelic pattern in the style of the 70’s.