Do Not Be Discouraged! Your Fashion Crisis Has a Solution

Have you ever paralyzed before the wardrobe without knowing what to wear? Follow these simple tips (and foolproof!) and turbocharge your creativity.

Everyone has moments of writer’s block. You know that day there is no use to refer to your collection of looks-feeling of Instagram, asking for help for her friends, pretend you’re not late, try everything, doesn’t like anything and feel unable to mount a single look, even the most basic of basic, even when the closet is right there in your face full of pieces that you love so much?

This can be more than an outbreak of lack of creativity. Perhaps afraid to dare (and Miss) or too lazy to think (that makes you almost succumbing to temptation to repeat that incredible combination that worked yesterday …). What to do?

Try to follow these “pinches of wisdom fashion”, one for each day of the week (with the right to replay this weekend) and uncomplicate life.

Have Fun. And you don’t even have to exaggerate. Just add an unusual spice to your looks: Accessories decorated or colored, fun prints, cutouts, mix of contrasting prints, maxi bijoux.

Highlight your strengths. Choose pieces with necklines (shoulders, back, colo), cracks, strategic, marked waist leaked transparencies.

Enter the vintage to their looks. Iconic pieces such as blouses with lace collar, pleated effects, shapes acinturados or pursed, MIDI skirts, vintage t-shirts.

The mood of the day. Are you abused? Use a t-shirt with funny phrase. Are you romantic? Choose lace and bows. You don’t want a lot of conversation? Go monochrome or minimalist. Is relax? The comfy.

Be trendy. Add the hit of the moment to your look: chess, grunge rocker leather jacket-Gothic, 80s glow, navy stripes, military green, colorful socks with heavy shoes, boho print.