Double Four in Hand

For those who appreciate the wide shirt collars can be difficult to get a proportionate tie knot. Windsor knot is often experienced as well strict, while four in hand can be slightly too narrow. A good solution is therefore twice the four in hand knot.

Windsor knot are rarely suitable for either broader ties or shirt collars. The symmetrical shape is often well prominent. Not least for shirts in the Italian section with wavy, natural collar. This is simply a tie knot that is better suited to a collar with a small spread and a somewhat stricter form.

For those opposed to Prince Charles think the Four in Hand is well scrawny to the shirt collar is why the double diton a good option. The principle is exactly the same as the four-in-hand just to abot front wrap an additional turns around the back. The knot is not only wider but also slightly longer, giving a neat case, from the neck. Therefore it is also suitable for slightly higher and further collars. Many favor the even that it keeps better in space and is easier to shape than the simple four in hand.

Strongest associated associated with Gianni Agnelli who come to define the Italian style, where the double four in hand knot is a given element. And for those who appreciate a slightly more eccentric shape, which may take place without the support mistaken with sports anchor from 2005, this is a great alternative to the classic Four in Hand knot.