Down Jackets in Limited Edition

The launch of the project Democratic Wear by COIN, dates back more than a year ago and was created with the dual aim of offering customers store the experience of buying exclusive clothing to a “democratic” price (10 euro) and continue the path of innovation and research, promoting young creative talents. The project leaders?

The first Democratic leader of the project was the jeans is available for women than for men designed by a young, enterprising and talented emerging designer, Yuka Morinishi and sold to the digit (paltry) of 10 euro. Needless to say, the limited edition of 5,000 jeans has been sold on Nonprofitdictionary in less than four hours.

After the success and media hype of the Democratic Jeans, it was the turn of Rain Jacket and sneakers, respectively designed by Sarah Stevenson and Francisco Javier Perez Fagoaga and on sale from September 2011. For this second initiative, the leaders were exhausted in a few hours. Arrived winter, COIN has also proposed a very warm down jacket with goose down (always at 10 Euros, unbelievable): a high-tech leader who in the cold without sacrificing a touch of glamor, designed by the young Linda Karlsson at launch, said: “I grew up in a small island in the Baltic Sea. Ever since I was a child I always knew she wanted to create things with my hands. Become a fashion designer was not a matter of course for me because I come from a small country.Nevertheless, I was determined to reach my goal, and it’s great for me to have the opportunity to participate in the Democratic Wear project and be able to demonstrate that whoever you are, and wherever you come from, you can get anywhere if you work hard to achieve their objectives. ”

The new year has seen the protagonist again denim, with a precious jeans, the Arc Pant by G-Star, the iconic model that combines a three-dimensional silhouette with a very architectural style characterized by low crotch, straight sides and asymmetrical leg and tapered. The proceeds from the sale of 5,000 Arc Pant was donated to ActionAid for the construction of a school and a well in the Wonde district in Sierra Leone.

The last Democratic project was the historical backpack Eastpack, sold, again at 10 Euros and sold out in a matter of hours. Stay tuned because the new Democratic projects will come soon!How about this COIN initiative? You find interesting?