Dressed for the New Year Suit

Smoking in all its glory. Most celebrating New Year’s wearing a suit. Our site tips on how to succeed in the New Year costume.

The suit
New Year is the perfect time to let the air the party willows where black absolutely do not need to be the obvious choice. A dark blue or gray suit is often a much better choice for those who want a suit with a little luster in the fabric. When it comes to the selection of model gives double breasted always a little more dressed impression while a tväknäppt suit with straight punches are always a safe bet.

The shirt
on festive occasions is the all-white shirt is a sure bet. For those who want a little more color recommended a slightly light blue or pink. But skip the mat oxford qualities for the benefit of a little shinier fabric. Preferably with cuffs to provide a luxurious appearance.

The shoes
Leave the grovsulade boots at home in favor of pretty shoes with leather sole and slender shape. For those who want to break the standard party outfit with black lace-up shoes are dark brown often an equally sharp alternative. Not least, the navy suit. And do not forget the stockings.

The accessories
As for the tuxedo is the nitty that makes a difference. Stylish accessories raises the style level and also provide cover a more personal expression. Those who do tie feels too strictly advised to choose a stylish silk scarf or wearing the shirt unbuttoned just enough with a neat handkerchief to give some color to the upholstery.