Driving Mocs

It begins in earnest time to pick up the car cows. A true icon model välkläddhet given a new face. Our site has selected some favorites.

It is undoubtedly Tod’s, which with its Gommini made the model famous. The first piece of Gommini launched in 1978 and has since come in a variety of designs. The original of the model is said however be countryman Car Shoe which launched its first model already in 1963. Since then, not only Tod’s without an variety of shoe brands made their own interpretations of the model.

The main characteristic of the model is the simple moccasin construction. It is far from the most sustainable construction but by the shoe basically sewn in only two paragraphs are feeling fabulous soft and light. It must be said that this is not some long-distance shoes, except from behind the wheel of a Maserati. For longer walks, however, recommended shoes with stable soles to provide better foot support.

Stylistically, what makes this model so successful is the combination between sport and elegance. In many ways personifies bilskon entire Italian and Southern European style with its relaxed, stylish shape. In Sweden, worn perhaps mainly to a seasonal casual style with chinos, jeans or shorts, while in Southern Europe combined with both business willow as vacant cotton trousers.