Dumond Women’s Sandals-Collection

Dumond is one of the great brands of women’s shoes in Brazil. They are shoes of all kinds for all tastes. With the constant launch of new collections, the brand remains a sales leader in this segment. New book launches happen frequently in relation to Dumond.

They are sandals, scarpins, creeps, anabelas and more. It is you who chooses which model suits you the most. Dumond, one of the most innovative women’s footwear brands in Brazil, has launched a new collection that identifies the spirit of modern women. Among all the items that make up the brand catalog, the sandals stand out for their sophistication, delicate finish and comfortable design according to campingtopgear.

The  Dumond 2010-2011 feminine collection has  still sought to identify the various female personalities and therefore displays flexibility in its new catalog. Sandals are thus found in models with low, medium and high heels. The versatility makes Dumond present in women’s lives on every occasion, from the ballad to the weekend to the sophisticated graduation party. You can also use it on a day-to-day basis, be it for work, college or any other event.

In this  Dumond women’s line of shoes  we have the highlight of the neutral colors for the low-heeled sandals, being an ideal accessory to complement the casual look. Women can still bet on sandals with a heel that enriches the look and enhances female power. Dumond goes far beyond the aesthetics of its products, after all, you want to keep your commitment to the comfort of walking

The  women’s sandals Dumond  combine with any garment and can be used for many different occasions. Women from all over Brazil are accustomed to branded shoes that are sold in multi-brand stores all over Brazil. The Dumond sandal models value the metallic finish with buckles or overlapping straps, giving more personality to the women’s feet. The  high Dumond heeled sandals  are preferred for most women.

The heels vary in color, shape and material, but all have been developed to provide greater elegance for the modern woman. The icon of this collection is undoubtedly the half-paw sandal, which manages to be modern and sophisticated at the same time. If you liked the current collection, look forward to the news of  Dumond spring-summer 2010-2011.Accessing the Dumond site gives you all the details of the New Collection.