Elegance Personified in Marion Cotillard in Vogue United States

The union of Marion Cotillard as the image of Dior you have created the personification of elegance and sophistication. Even in Vogue United States they have succumbed to the French and dedicated its front page and an editorial in the issue July.

Of course, the actress looks all a full wardrobe of the legendary brand in the story. Hairstyle-based retro waves and a makeover that emphasizes the lips in color cherry on a porcelain skin converts to Marion a true Diva. Her blue eyes stand out more than ever under the spotlights of Mario Testino, usual photographer of the American edition of Vogue.

And sincerely, meanwhile reporting supposedly aggressive, innovative and groundbreaking, is welcome to return to the classical and serene elegance a few dresses that highlight each of the powerful curves of a female­female. Dresses that make attractive to any woman, the penalty is that not all we cannot afford the prices of Dior.