Elizabeth Hurley for Mango

Zara and H & M they are two of the most profitable business in Europe. Although they have many points in common (basically dedicated to sell (and make) clothing and, therefore, want to expand its network of stores as best), I think that there are points where they are quite different. For example, Zara does not usually make advertising campaigns (some I’ve seen), H & M is instead spent a lot of money on ads starring tops and celebrities. Not Zara has counted with the collaboration of any famous when designing a clothing line. However, H & M has launched collections created by Madonna y Karl Lagerfeld, among many others. In fact, we know that they are already preparing an upcoming collaboration with Comme des Garçons.

That is why I have always thought that Mango (another Spanish success – although not as much as Zara – signature) follows a rather based on the Swedish firm model that fellow. He timidly began a collaboration with Milla Jovovich (he was also the signature image) and has finished finding your goose that lays the golden eggs: the Cruz sisters (see that we notify you, Amancio). Well, what fool ourselves: basically Pe, the other has crept through the back door. Thanks to the image of Penélope Cruz and his (recent) internationally, Mango is opening the way very easily outside our borders. And, like H & M, it seems that when you start to find yourself collaborations already you can not stop. The new, Elizabeth Hurley, who has created a collection of swimwear for the firm, as did last year for H & M singer Kyle Minogue according to getzipcodes.org.

Today has been presented at the hotel Urban from Madrid the Elizabeth Hurley for Mango bath collection. For the occasion, the British has worn a dress in a striking Fuchsia colour. Still, have managed to look at some of the pieces that you created (image above): What do you think?