ELSA Pataky Cover of Elle Naked and Full of Swarovski Crystals

Once again the Elle Magazine surprises us again with one of their covers in the December issue. But if you look well the cover I guess you sound of something. And it is that Elle Magazine and Swarovsky have teamed for the third consecutive time to create an impressive home nude.

ELSA Pataky It is this time the main character (as Paz Vega and Belen Rueda) cover poses by 10,000 swarovski crystals, doing yoga, in an image that symbolizes your new lifestyle in an issue devoted to the spiritual luxury. In addition to crystals, the actress carries tacheles messages sobresu skin: Save The Planet, Earth and Peace.

I have to say that of the three covers is that I like less, I don’t know if by the pose serious of ELSA Pataky, because the face is without makeup, but the previous two impressed me much more. And to you?

The make-up of the entire body and photography session was conducted by a team of de19 people, who placed one to one that swarovski crystals. The method of working was completely handmade, there are no other system that hit one one the crystals to get this effect of body painting that characterizes the latest cover of the December issue of ELLE. In particular, on the skin of Elsa seven shades of blue were used in four different sizes. Then, the work of the photographs was thing of the prestigious photographer Jaume de Laiguana.