Eroticism by Rachel Bilson

Mullet Bolzano among the famous fashion points seems strong. If you do nothing we saw Leighton Meester to show its spicy side, now see the unexpected Rachel Bilson show us your side most erotic. And it is the time of being the good girl of the scene seems to have ended…

Or that, or is that the crisis that they are not sold magazines and you have to pull the previous book publishers too spicy, the style of Vogue Paris, to allow people to pass by box.

One thing or another, to me give me equal. This last editorial to me I have loved. In particular, because Bilson is my untouchable and above all, because is gorgeous.

The Flaunt magazine It is who wanted mullet Bolzano to the U.S. for good. She is shown as natural as possible in this new role of “bad girl”, with a very intense black eye shadow that highlights your features.

Little black dress explosive, leather gloves, photographs in underwear, jeans and above all style.

What do you think of this new face of Rachel Bilson?

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