Expectations for 2010

The next ten years will be an exciting time for men’s fashions. After years of mediocre products with quality and everything to volatile fashion climate feels like courage swung towards a more conscious style ideal where sophisticated customers want fewer, but better goods. Visible logos have been replaced by origin and quality. Or is it all just a scam?

Since fashion compass recent years directed to a men’s fashion has the timeless discussed for the dressed only a fly. The old man’s courage die next season. For some maybe, but I am convinced that many of us with eyes to well-sewn clothing in recent years will not abandon this style ideals. There are a number of interesting brands that combine sophisticated cuts, fine materials and quality with a timeless and modern form. Without feeling the slightest or looking rather obsolete.

What is even more interesting is that the focus last season has again been directed to the product. Sophisticated clients want to know who does what best. The brand can no longer live in the periphery of their own products, which means a complete contrast to the 90s and much of the 2000s, where a large part of the fashion industry sold a dozen products at exorbitant prices. With the right brand, it did not matter if the carrier could not distinguish the copy from the original.

With an increasingly fast mobile fashion watch searches many contrary back to the genuine and well made. It is undeniable that awareness is increasing. Far from among all, but among enough for it to be labeled. I am convinced that the future will mean that we have to pay more for less, but better products. Slow Wear as the Italians call it.

But how much are we prepared to pay? Both in terms of pure money behind the time to find the product. Is it so that it may not be about money but rather ingrained habits? I have received numerous emails from people who are prepared to put on a dozen 5-6000 jacket, but think 7000 is too much for an almost completely hand-sewn ditto from some of the better Italian manufacturers. I can promise you, those who choose to spend a little extra on a pair of shoes from Crockett & Jones, a shirt or suit by Borrelli of Caruso, will never repent.

We are not spoiled with good clothes. Knowledge is appallingly low, among both stores and consumers. But it feels like it is about to change. More starting to open their eyes to why it pays to pay a little extra for significantly better products. Or understand what differentiates producing companies from brands that barely sew their own clothing label. I really hope that trend continues.

Self, I will carry the following quotation from the suit manufacturer Kitons CEO Antonio De Mattei and blog Permanent Style.

“..it’s Overpriced important issue to bring people close to the product. You need to get into the details. The Reader Should be able to almost see the product, see how it feels. That way you know the reporter is not talking rubbish. That is the future of your job. “

With wishes for a more stylish than decade

Olof Enckell, editor Manolo.se

The first time is the only time it receives in the wallet to invest in a well-made shirt.

Top picture: Blazer J.Lindeberg and Bomenzzadri. Wonderful feeling and a quality we want to see more of from the Swedish manufacturers.