Fashion Trends 2009: Jackets Jeans

This summer the Cowboy clothes they will succeed: whether it is broken jeans or jeans faded acid, appears that the jeans can not miss in our closet. A new component of this group being fashionable are the jeans jackets. Are jackets not with the classical form of suit jackets, but those who are denim jackets that have has cut them sleeves.

A garment that tell when the time give us a truce and begin to raise temperatures. If we have a old denim jacket at the bottom of Cabinet (ours or of our brother or boyfriend), we can recover it with the help of a good shares, converting it into a modern jacket.

Another new piece that joins the long list of the items rescued from the 70 and 80. As always, the first to dare to carry it have been the bloggers more fashion, as Fashion Toast’s Rumi, or Betty, of Le blog de Betty. Mischa Barton Cowboy on the cover of Nylon, wore a vest in one of their best stories for a magazine.

Kim Kardashian It also aims to bring jackets jeans, combining them with leather leggings. Although she is not heavily favored, I must say it.

And we do not lack examples in the streetstyle. They prefer to carry with decorative plates or with other elements just