Fashion Vintage and Second Hand on Melrose Avenue

A good way to optimize the time, if you are in Los Angeles, California, is to visit certain streets, where shops offer is wide and diverse. In my case, I chose Melrose Avenue, since according to my “research” it offered me an interesting variety of local brands of mid-range high, urban and vintage + recycled / used. Today will tell you them of these last, and in a next post elaborate them on the other. If you like vintage fashion, you must take this virtual tour with me.

Vintage fashion and used’s Melrose Avenue

In Los Angeles there are many options for find fashion vintage and second-hand clothing / recycled. In fact there are several specialized where you can get treasures at prices closer to the prohibitive.
This online find a Decade (8214 Melrose Avenue) a shop which inhibits from your gateway, which opens only by means of a stamp. To make one idea in his case had classic Chanel will see and in its web , it is possible to anticipate the visit and review its past treasures ranging from the US$ 150 – $95.500 app (for some shoes, which seems to me very reasonable) to US$ 16,000 – a little more than $10 million app for a Birkin, Hermes 2011 portfolio. The grace of this store is its very well cared selection of designer vintage clothing for men and women. An ideal place for fashionistas, looking for pieces of collection according to

Now if one is on the line from get it fun looks, but at more affordable prices have to keep walking and stop at Vintage (7701 Melrose Ave), focusing its name implies: the t-shirts or t-shirts. In it you will find classic shirts of various kinds ranging from the US$ 15 – $9,500 app.

There you have to go through American Vintage (7575 Melrose Ave), where you can entertain yourself watching and typically American vintage clothing, in the style of films that show us from the Wild West to the eighties kitsch. In fact, there is a sector where you can buy wigs to complete your look. While there are “most clothing journal”, I think that is a good place to find items that may be part of a costume.

Now if you do not want to waste time looking at that type of premises, I recommend that you go directly to Wasteland. But also you can find it in Studio City and Santa Monica, Melrose AV (7428) you’ll be at the “mother store”. The fun of this space is that I in between second hand clothes, you get access to treasures of designers and vintage from different parts of the world at good prices. For example I bought a dress from a Japanese brand for around US$ 52 – $33,000, which I loved and will keep for the next winter. Also in its showcase of accessories you can check out a selection of local brands.

In the block from the front line within most classic of what one imagines a used clothing store you can find to Crossroads Trading Co. chain (7409 Melrose Av), place to sell and buy used clothes with hangers sorted by types and colors. They have 32 venues in different cities of the country.

Another store I found interesting street was Slow, where Ale was purchased a shirt of civil rights by US$ 20 – $12,000 app, whose interior design is equal to of a secret of vines and bucolic spaces garden. Everything is very orderly and rated, so both as male female shopping can be done very efficiently. For women its speciality, gave me the impression, was on the line of the hippie or Coachella style, i.e., more setentero.

h! One fact to consider: to differs from Chile, in the USA any rate is “completely” (in our case with VAT). Then, when the label you see a value always you should add a few extra dollars that constitute its tax to the sale which varies from one State to another. In California it is 6% (while in NY it is 4%), i.e. for example, the value you add them an additional 6% for the final price.
Do you think of this selection of shops? What you choose to visit first? Do you think that the offer is better to which you have in your country?