Fast of Fashion for People Who Have No Idea of Fashion Guide

You like fashion, you’ve read you all gotten magazines and for having, you have visited Web sites everywhere and even the basic principles of this science not exact history is unknown. Fear not, your headaches have solution. You no longer have to ask you If this neckline sits you well or if these two colors combine, read carefully this Quick Guide to fashion and you will finally have your long-awaited answers.

Combine colors, a challenge

Red and green?, blue and yellow?, step by step and everything properly. The combinations of colors they are defined by the chromatic circle, a very useful tool that will solve all your doubts about color harmonies.

If you are looking for the attention combines two tones that are in the opposite ends of the chromatic circle, If on the other hand risk it is not yours, focus on a single color and adding light (make it more clear) or find a duller tone for the rest of garments and accessories. You can also combine three different colors (expert level) by placing a triangle in the center of the circle, the tips of the triangle will determine the colors you can choose.

How to use neutral colors

Neutral colors are an exceptional group, regarding the green almond on what to chromaticism trick. Have them honey, because you will save more than one trouble.

If you do not dare to play with the chromatic circle, points: black, beige, white, grey and nude or color makeup will be your allies from now (also accepted as neutral khaki). Choose a predominant color in your outfit, or a funky already will not be synonymous with problems, add a garment in Grey, white, black or any other neutral tone and successful safe.

Your big problem with necklines has solution

“I have much breast and I don’t know what neckline looks good on me,” “SOS, how can I carry cleavage having little chest?”, you not be everything has a solution.

The cleavage in pico is not a good counselor for women with too much breast, neither of which hardly have, if you are in the Middle, congratulations, this is your most flattering neckline.

The bandeau, or Word of honor It is perhaps one of those who feel better women with little chest, on the other hand, if you have too much, avoid it, in addition to not be your best option, will make it a very strange way.

Finally, the necklines, halter, to the box as well as the asymmetrical favor to both types of women.

“I don’t know how to combine these beautiful stiletto heel, high heel shoes are not my thing”

Error, possibly you’ve had bad experiences with some other heel shoe, but just that find stilettos that most go with your style, and even better if they have an acceptable quality, you avoid injuries and pains of feet. Indeed, Carrie Bradshaw loved the Manolos, rather it will be.

Stilettos Stylize, give body, bring femininity, and over are beautiful (mostly, of course) so feel free to include a pair in your closet. Or two.

Midi skirts, palazzo pants, jeans (broken or not) or high-waist skirts are perhaps its best allies. And from now on yours also.

Combine prints, the unfinished

It is difficult, we are not going to deny it, combine prints is a higher level, something that not all mortals will succeed manage the level of Julia Sarr Jamois or Helena refrain, but in what we can train ourselves.

Flowers and camouflage combine to perfection with horizontal stripes, the same patterns with colors changed also, although eye, that is a more complex issue. The Aztec print can also make their first steps with horizontal stripes and Leopard and small moles are quite aided.

However, if this is not enough, try to look exactly the same pattern in two garments, jacket and pants, crop top and skirt high waist, risk!

The dress code, that big problem

How to attend a wedding in long and not die in the attempt, go or not to go with jeans to work, get that Nice cocktail dress for a family meal and many others and so many questions generated by the dress code we invade every day.

Formal at the same time that informal, that is the key to most of the time. Go in jeans to the office is OK if joint them with a pair of heels or a beautiful wedge sandals and an American. Decide you dress cocktail for a family meal is feasible if this takes place in a restaurant or location that requires it.

In short, almost all of the clothes can be lucidas in any occasion, Although with different accessories, shoes, or combinations.

It is possible to live without a maxi bag, the clutch are the alternative

Exactly, clutchs are the new black as bags are concerned. It is not easy to get used to such a small space after carrying shopping bags during the week, but it is possible.

Select the essential is the key to to fit everything within a clutch, although they are not the only option.

The doctor bag are perfect if your Essentials occupy significant space, while the candy bags or bags sack as Mansur Gavriel are ideal if the ratio espacio-tamano of the bag is your priority, because they are an intermediate measure but continue allowing you take with you enough objects.

Mini jewelry or statement necklaces?

Fashion is a maelstrom constant, bib necklaces as soon as lead or statement necklaces, as the minimalist jewelry reached the crest of the wave. Fear not, the balance lies in combining well accessories.

If a statement very striking necklace lights, opt for rings and bracelets fine nothing shrill, and let all the attention the collar take it is. Conversely, if the rings are your downfall, look for MIDI rings or very fine rings with stones or small symbols and combine them all together.

“Height is my problem, I don’t know how long I have well”

Few are the lucky ones who can match your height or figure to the most famous faces of Victoria’s Secret, but it does not take any of them for take advantage of the height we have.

The dresses and long skirts they are the best allies for those women with enough curves and a medium stature, because they stylize the figure. On the contrary, si eres bajita avoid, the optical effect will be the opposite and the bust will be low in the eyes of the rest.

In the case of being quite high, opt for short skirts, shorts &, you will be great and you can look beautiful legs.

If your fixation are midi skirts, care, will need some other extra centimeter to not shorten too your figure, so best if you combine them with a pair of high heels. Exactly the same occurs with palazzo pants, though not with the capri Court, these are more versatile and also support sneakers or dancers.

Cat eyes, round glasses, Aviator or mirror effect?

First look in the mirror, see your factions and determines if you have a round shape, square, oval or triangular-shaped face.

The faces with a rounded shape and quite prominent cheekbones should opt type Wayfarer sunglasses square structure and marked angles. On the contrary, the square faces they must flee straight forms and opt for more rounded as the Aviator style sunglasses.

If you have a face look triangular and a jaw thin but elongated, seeks big lenses sunglasses but not exceeding the distance of your temples, as the cat eyes. Optically you shorten the length of your face.

And if your face could be described as oval, congratulations!, all types of glasses are compatible with your factions, though of course, you are looking for those that harmonize with your face size and do not overdo with oversized lenses.

And colorful, colorado, this quick-fashion for people who have no idea about fashion, He has finished. Or not. If you have suggestions, questions, questions, or several issues, not shy, writes, comments and give you the keys.