Find Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Summer is almost here and it’s time to pick up the season’s most important accessoar-sunglasses! Trends come and trends go, which can make it difficult to always keep up. One year is the pilot glasses that are on the agenda next year, it is the classic wayfarer model that is popular again. Something that made up what kind of face shape you have. Below are tips for finding the best sunglasses along your specific facial features!

Find Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Round glasses

The square sunglasses are best suited for someone who has a rounder face shape. The reason is that the square sunglasses frames and create a nice contrast to the soft features.

Large and wide sunglasses

Are you the person with an elongated and narrow face? Then you should invest in a pair of bigger and wider sunglasses demonstrated on Songaah. The larger and broader sunglasses create balance and symmetry of your face and will sue on well with your face shape.

Wayfarers & Aviators

When you have a  heart-shaped face are wayfarers and aviators the best models. If you have even a narrower jaw line and broad forehead, these models are the right sunglasses for you.

Round Sunglasses

Have you contrast a square face shape with clear jawbone, you should invest in a pair of round glasses. The round glasses creates a soft touch and a nice contrast to the face shape with the marking features. Just check out Alexa Chung on the photo in this blog post!