Flower Power: More Flattering Floral Prints For Large Sizes

The flower prints are a classic of the spring months, but in the spring – summer 2015 season they are a trend.

The flower power has already swept in clothing for gorditas of 2014, and this 2015 promises to continue in the top of the styles essential. Small flowers in fresh clothes, large flowers, colorful combination of colors in tropical flower prints, double effect textiles…What is your favorite?

Flower Power: Very Flattering Floral Prints

Does not matter! Because they all have a place among the clothing for girls of large sizes more trend…The best thing about this trend is that it gives a superfeminine and flirtatious appearance to all women, in addition, it is very flattering since the range of colors to choose from is Very high, but how about some ideas for a flawless and perfect look?

Double Effect Dresses

Very flattering for both day-to-day and special occasions are dresses that look like a t-shirt and a skirt, one of them with a floral print. Ideal because they mark the waist and give prominence to the female curves.

Printed Top, Smooth Bottom

Classic and ideal for women of large sizes who do not like to risk too much: but go to the last! Shirts or flower blouses in special sizes are always a successful solution and, this season, very current.

Smooth Top, Floral Bottom

But why not turn the classic? They have been seen in winter in more discreet colors, but warm seasons allow more risk. Why not combine some leggings with a bright floral print with a t-shirt in a plain color?

Mixing Prints

Who said that mixing patterns is forbidden in fashion…? Forget that old-fashioned idea! Because blending prints is fashionable: flower power of small flowers with another garment of maxiflores, a floral skirt monochrome with a vivid top of top, and even striped flowers!

In Black And White

Always elegant, the combination of white with black details, which comes to bring glamor to the nights of spring and summer. A trend that should not be lost sight of events and celebrations.

Very flattering are, for example, the large size 50s style dresses with floral gradients. And yes, they can be only black and white, but other colors can also be included, red or yellow are winning bets.

Transparency Details

Sexy, mysterious, interesting…The flowers are trend and the transparencies as well! Combining them is a great success, the trick for an ideal look is to insinuate without revealing anything, for example, with a shirt with transparent canesú sprinkled with flowers.

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