Foretaste, Outer Rock

It has not really been the season for heavy overcoats. But as always with garments that means a big investment, it is important that probes the market in good time. Here some inspiration.

Color, length and model. There are many aspects to consider to find the perfect overcoat. Add to that the difficulty of finding a model that fit well and the choice becomes even more difficult. A classic overcoat in the single-breasted model with three rows of buttons is a good starting point for those who want an easy to wear model for everyday style of jeans that business individual. Those who want a more well-tailored feel looking to advantage after a double-breasted models, which generally requires a little more of the wearer. Besides the slim silhouette is investing many manufacturers to fall in some oversized models with a very natural skyline, creating a stylish contrast to, for example, a suit in the narrow cut.