Gladiadores de Salto Sandals

The  gladiator sandals  continue to be successful sales this fall-winter season. This feminine footwear manages to combine rustic and sophisticated characteristics of a well balanced way, providing personality to the feminine feet.

The use of gladiator sandals can happen on all occasions, but it is important that women pay attention to the other elements that make up the costumes so as not to create an out-of-fashion look. Modern and irreverent, gladiator sandals combine with dresses, jeans and even shorts according to bombebikini.

The main characteristic of gladiator sandal is the existence of cross straps that can take different heights. There are models that reach up to the ankle, others are bolder and make the crossing of strips to the knee. The choice of footwear will depend on the taste of each woman.

The fashionable gladiator sandals  sought inspiration in Ancient Rome, but precisely in the footwear worn by gladiators of the time. This rustic model has been redesigned, has earned delicate details and other finishing options to ensure the beauty of women’s feet. Another factor that also made all the difference in the model was the adhesion of the jump, because before the structure of the sole was simple and low.

Women who care about the look are already eyeing the  model gladiator sandals 2010, new items that arrive in stores and display different formats. This season we can see a strong appreciation of metallic colors and details. The sandals also display more shine in the finish, proving to be ideal to complement a night look.

The  trends of gladiator sandals 2010  do not stop there, women are also opting for this genre of footwear to create a relaxed look with jegging. This combination is typical of urban fashion and promises to make head of the female audience during the fall winter months.

The  gladiator sandals with heels  highlight all the beauty and elegance that exist inside a woman. These shoes feature the basic braid of the straps and still not benefited from the slender heel, characteristics that make the female legs more elegant and sexy. The gladiator fashion rescues a classic of antiquity that allows you to create several different looks.