Glazes Pupa Denim Jeans

As always it opens the spring summer season full of new fashions and trends and this year the trend is undoubtedly the jeans.

Known brands of jewelry, fashion and make up, to create new collections, were inspired to their own casual fabric par excellence, loved and worn all over the world. Obviously Pupa Milan, which has always been at the forefront in terms of trends, could not miss the call!


We present swatches and review of Pupa collection Denim Jeans, to show you state that you can achieve the manicure and nail art ideas to show off by wearing trousers, jacket or denim skirt!

Here are the details 6 shades that make up the new collection of enamels Pupa:

– 001 Dark Grey; dark gray as the color of the biker jeans.

– 002 Dark Blue; the darker color of blue jeans and that’s what I think makes the best tribute to denim par excellence.

– 003 Blue; the middle ground between the dark denim and the light, is the typical blue jeans bags 90s.

– 004 Bluette; Energie jeans and Carrera, remember them? This is their color!

– 005 Ligth Blue; classic American blue jeans as jackets and shirts.

– 006 Ligh Grey; light gray like the typical hippie jeans inserts.


The glazes Pupa online Denim jeans is extraordinary, it is a collection with a matte finish but bright.

Thanks to the presence of some microglitter the colors are bright and vibrant, and the texture is really very similar to the jeans. Vaguely reminiscent of the finish sugar (sweetened) to speak, but the final effect is slightly different.

The preparation is simple, comparable to that of a common Pupa enamel, drying is fast and should not stretch top coat, but should always be used with a base enamel to prevent the nail can stain pigment.

Durability is good, on my nails up to 5 days, the pack is the unmistakable classic Pupa, with oversize demin as that of Gel Pupa thanks to which the application is easy and fast. The removal is quick and easy, just use the nails as a common solvent for nail polish.

To show the effect jeans in the round, I made ​​a nail art reminiscent of ripped jeans, complete with studs and stitching. You can really have fun with these glazes, creating decorations that recall the work of blue jeans. It could also draw pockets or zip, you just need a little ‘fantasy!

I appreciate very much this collection of enamels, I like the choice of colors that decline all shades of jeans, the effect they create on your nails is beautiful!

Which color you prefer among those proposed by Pupa? I can not choose!