Glossary of High Heels

Here you will find some of the most used terms when it comes to high heels, women’s shoes and sandals, behaviors and attitudes:

Altocalcifilia: a fetish for shoes or high-heeled sandals.

Bedroom: Any shoe or sandal with a heel so high it makes walking difficult or makes it almost impossible.

Clackers: Shoes or sandals with stiletto heels that make a noise while walking.

Dangling: Allow the shoe or sandals to partially swing off the feet while the person is seated. A great fetish for many.

D’Orsay: A feminine sacrpin without one or both sides which makes the sides of the feet visible, especially the inside of the feet that many think is the sexiest part.

Ballet Jump: the highest high heel. This jump causes only the toes touching the ground.

Cone jump: Inverted cone jump.

Cuban jumping: a wide jump tuned into the rear stop. Frequently used by tango dancers.

Stiletto heel: very tall and relatively fine heel used with heights varying between 10 and 12.5 cm. If the heel is too thin it is called a needle heel.

Comma jump: A comma- shaped bounce in both the front and back of the jumps. Created by Roger Vivier.

Toe cleavage: A shoe or sandal whose wide strip that runs through the instep is so low that it shows part of the toes.