Grow a Beard with Johnny Depp Method

Guest column: Growing a beard is like bungee jumping – it’s the mental barriers that are most difficult to cross. The rest goes on the fly.

“I have bad beard”, thinking someone. Many men with blond Scandinavian predisposition looking enviously at men with dark dense beard. It is clear that one hesitates if you make the mistake to compare themselves with someone who has different conditions.

Therefore, step one: Ignore what others beard looks. Two: Have the courage, daring. Three: Be patient, give beards time.

This is what we call Johnny Depp method. Check out just how good Johnny Depp succeed in his beard, although he has sparse growth of beard on his cheeks and no sideburns.

“Beard does not suit my style”, thinking someone else. Wrong wrong wrong. Beard is the man’s makeup. It is an easy and inexpensive way to completely change his expression. Shaven you will always look the same. Beard gives character – you may wish to see which version best suits you.

There is a beard for every style, from rockers to the minister. A well-groomed beard fits most. Shave the neck so that his beard following the jaw line, so it looks cared out.

“Beard suits do not,” said someone at last. Unfortunately, you rarely see a beard in areas such as the business world. The easier to stand out and show independence there. Internet’s founder and IT entrepreneur Vint Cerf has demonstrated that it will be taken seriously even when one has a beard. He also knows to dress nicely – always with the West in the suit.

Once you have started: Grooming with a sharp pair of scissors or a trimmer good, and hold the edges with a razor. Or treat yourself to get his beard whacked at the salon.

Dare to grow! Everyone can find their beards. Does it still scary? Start vacations. Looking for support in the meantime, came to our site. Good luck!

The chronicle was written by Axel Naver and Erik Thorsson, who runs Skä With the motto “beard is discounted” guide and inspire those to the perfect beard.