Guide – Belt

After the last post about the good old sock I continue today with an additional accessory, that surely many of you use the belt.

Guide - Belt

First of all I would like to respond General accessories. As already with the socks, which are also an accessory: less is more. Accessories are there to complement your outfit or nice to add to customize your look. The details make the smart look, but too many details will not improve your outfit but cause only a large, disorganized mess that can look good in any case.

For example, it is to have well different watches that fit any occasion and can be selected depending on the situation and event, they can be combined with other accessories, such as a chain or a ring that fits to the selected watch. You should not too thick put on jewelry made of silver or gold, otherwise you quickly look like gangster rapper from the Bronx. Since today but isn’t about watches or jewelry, but for belt here everything important is to wear a belt.

Belts are basically taken the right choice for newcomers to the men fashion world, because it hardly error can be made and is very easy to create a good look when you’re at the tips.

Match your belt with your shoes. Brown to Brown, black to black and white to white, and even to name the most important. Of course you have to have no shoes and belts in all possible colors, two or three are sufficient. Away do have no way to choose your belt because it has black shoes but let’s only Brown belt, matching to the shoes, please the belt. Very you after a black belt to or buys a few matching brown shoes. The colors need to be not always the same, brown shoes to an olive color end belt is ok, the colors should harmonize. Finally, you must still sure fit the belt for the occasion and the rest of the outfit. You should wear a suit belt must also a noble, simple belt here, and no vintage studded.

When combining a casual look, you have much more choices. Here, the belt can have details such as rivets or prints. Of course, go also belt in the military-style fabric. I personally find much fine and nice leather belt, but this is of course a matter of taste. Just please do me the favor to not put your shirt in the pants and to wear a belt with a big, fat buckle including, you are not a cowboy or Hells Angel, thank you.

Pick you a beautiful model suitable to your shoes and everything will be fine.

I wish you much fun when mixing!