Guide – Jackets

The temperatures rise, showing the Sun laughs and the days are getting longer. Slowly but surely comes to spring on us and so that you are ready we handle the topic of jackets or spring jackets today for men. The thick, padded jackets come back in the closet and it’s time for something lighter. But which is the correct transition jacket for you?

The selection in the on line shop is large and grows from day to day. Jackets for men in many different shapes and styles, something for you is found. Make it easier for you to find the right transition jacket for you I divided the article into different looks and worked it a bit with the boys and girls by 7 trends together. I hope the outline looks helps you and if your look not, writes just a comment or an email with your questions.

Before we get to the looks just a few facts to fit:

With arms outstretched, the jacket should be enough to hand ankle
Arms stretched upwards the jacket should be enough to approach of the pants

It is true: not too tight to buy, maybe you want sometimes tighten slightly colder days transition jacket and then a few layers under the jacket must be careful. At the try on so quietly T-Shirt, shirt and thick sweater underneath pull and see whether the jacket is still comfortably suggests.

The looks you want inspiration or to the style to serve. If you have any questions specifically transition jacket, just write a comment below the article, write me a mail or write on our Face book fan page. I’m trying to meet all demands.

Which look is your favorite?