Guide to Fashion Earrings For 2017

The trends for next year, will be sealed by the personality of each person, i.e. the individuality will mark its unique style. The trend in earrings in 2017 will be varied, you can use exaggerated sizes and lush slopes, as well as small but striking.

What not is it will forgive you never, it is that you come out to the street and do not use any type of slope, since you can not stay behind…

In this sense, styles of earrings will be varied, the type of jewelry used will be that of fantasy, with materials such as metal, the decorations with Swarovski crystals and gold bracelets, which predominate in the selection of accessories.

Within this wide range of styles that would mark the trend in 2017, is located the ancestral rescue, where the importance of organic matter has set a standard in fashion, the love of ours, our ancestors, nature, environment, allowed the designers to promote the use of fabrics, threads, wools, jeans, with the inspired idea to establish ethnic. Here’s where the great variety of trends was reflected, there will be a specific, there will be many trends with many styles.

We can find in our closets and dust off our old earrings because they will be used, as the merger of the past with the present, and the style is to use a single large pendant.

Reemerges romanticism, the tenderness. Done hand seizes more forcefully, designers are going to use any material that you have in your hand, fabrics, metals, feathers, lace, plastic, wires, threads, in this sense, there will be several trends: the ethnic, the wildlife, the symbolic…

Although somewhat if we are fully insurance is that you will never go unnoticed, wherever you go they turn to see you. So take advantage of the 2017 and stand out among the best.

The punk style will still be used, so if even you have not dared to have this style once in a while, it is time. The pearls will also marking the 2017 style. The remaining cuff, you can also use them, remember that these don’t need additional drillings.

Earrings are one of the most feminine accessories that exist. We are sure that you did not know that in ancient Greece this was an accessory used exclusively by men and they represented the tendril (as they called it), which was motor or home of the education of man, it was showing that the young man was as a citizen, and also symbolized the supremacy of the superior beings such as gods and human excellence.

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