Gwen Stefani for Elle Us

Truth in my more twisted thoughts think not was had happened I head suffering must pass some celebrities in bringing some outfit of the most hot and trendy at the time. If it’s cold it doesn’t matter because they have to appear on the red carpet without any shelter to keep the style and if it’s hot and they promote it from next season also have to suffer with more cubridoras parts.

This is what had to pass the “poor” Gwen Stefani When he was recently in Los Angeles with a Sun of 30 degrees doing the photo shoot for the magazine Elle Us It will appear next month in May. A number of items of the season Autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 they were chosen to make the singer look in the editorial.

It was a precious set of Louis Vuitton black and Red: t-shirt red stripes, skorts in stamping and mid-calf boots. Then wore a cocktail dress of Marc Jacobs a single sleeve in Silk Satin with same LF boots in Suede’s Chrisitan Louboutin. This was less “sufrible” because it was short, tight and half uncovered.

And go that if must have suffered in a dress of Alexander McQueen style years 50’s on Prince of Wales with crinoline and black coat. A design that completely is the former lead singer vintage style of No Doubt.

Can also see it in a design of Rodarte fully fabric point and an endless black rhinestones necklaces. Luckily, who collected her hair and took her leather jacket with that design appeared on the catwalk, but we would have a Gwen in cooking.