Handbags Trends Spring/Summer 2015

The bag is pretty much the extent of the body of a woman. Faithful holds secrets and intimacy, the stock market usually reflect the personality of the people who use them, from the inside, with its quirky, organizations outside your channel even a little of what she want to appear.

The bag turned out to be an important accessory to enhance the visual, hence the need to have several models at home, plus carry sentimental values also. Fashionable are the little things that mean a lot. Traditionally, for a woman, the bag takes the objects that she will use during the day, and also your small arsenal of beauty, which is very important in every woman’s identity.

The stock market is the inseparable companion of every woman

Regardless of the station she is the inseparable companion of every woman. In relation to seasons what varies are the models and prints. We will follow the trends of handbags for spring/summer 2015. The fashion spring summer 2015 have models capable of monitoring the chicks at all times, because both those simple and colorful traditional promise scoring trend as well as the most sophisticated that can’t miss in looks.

Some models of handbags that will be trend in 2015 In 2015 the bags arrive structured in average size and very bright, and the leather came strong in the winter, continues with all next season, however, in variations, Golden tone metallic, silver, copper, graphite, cyan and magenta.

The bags with fringe will be hit in summer 2015

The fringes are still with everything between the trends of handbags, and wrong who think that only matches a country style, no, now they have won most fashionableand ares are indicated to compose a look for a ballad or even a way out with friends for happy hour.

After a long season without seeing them, the bag-bag return to streets, renewed, more colorful, stamped, with fringes, metal or leather.

The model clutch will also continue in high, however, arise bolder, in different textures, colorful and vibrant, as in yellow, blue. This model, which is between handbags trends spring/summer 2015, was more used in classic productions, formal and held,now has won more fun versions, as seen in the parade of Osklen, and now promises to roam the streets, full of style.

Purse bag trend for spring/summer 2015

The template with the form of bag-backpack is among the trends of handbags to the next station, in that square, estruturadinha version, which has everything to fall inlike General walks very well work for an after party soon, several designers are betting everything in this trend that has what it takes to conquer the audience who likesstyle, but still of practicality.

Retro bag style, reminiscent of those models of scholarship that we saw a lot in old movies? This template returns this season, small, square and structured, short grip,colored and stamped, and may come with applications of pedrarias, and even in different versions, like a dip or Executive Briefcase.

How to use them:

During the day the bag has to be functional and night she must Rd more connected to the aesthetic factor.

Formal environments and more social occasions ask for smaller grants, since the focus is the clothes and not the bag.

To stay current and modern look to rule is mismatched. Your shoes need not be of the same material and texture of the bag, but it’s important that they talk to each other.

There are countless models of bags to use with all the looks.

If you opt for a bigger bag or model of vibrant color, try using more discrete parts to look not to be exaggerated.

Fringed handbags models can be used with long or short dresses, shorts, jackets, skirts and jeans. Match shoes like oxford, boots, ankle boots, shoes and balls.

Remember to pay attention to the material of the accessory. When you’re wearing an outfit with more noble fabric, the fabric of the bag must also be noble. With a simpler look, the bag doesn’t have to be a noble material, this way you will have more freedom in time of choice.

Clutches handbags that look like wallets were only for parties and formal events, currently the clutches have won space also in clothing. The largest, envelope format are the most suitable for the daily, while the smaller ones should be retained for more formal events. So, have a in your wardrobe for this spring/summer 2015.

The bag bag is ideal for composing a versatile and elegant look.