Harrington Jacket 2.0

After requests for articles on the topic vårjackor treat our site today perhaps the premier classic Harrington jacket. A model, perhaps best associated with skinhead culture, but through new interpretations gained ground among diverse style directions.

The original of the Harrington jacket comes from British Baracuta and model of the G9 Harrington. A jacket with his plaid lining become something of a symbol of skinhead culture, but also a key item for men’s fashion might best style icon, Steve McQueen. The main characteristic of the model is elastic in the waist and sleeves, dragkedje buttoning, the slanted pockets and collar design.

Ever since the jacket was first launched in 1939 has a plethora of manufacturers given in both interpretations that clean copies of the model. Not least this season when the market seems crawling with new versions. The big difference from the original is mainly the material where many manufacturers today focus on lightweight fabrics function. Preferably in combination with an otherwise well-groomed style.

And even if this jack type of course is suitable for a casual style with jeans, T-shirt and sneakers, it is perhaps primarily as a contrast to a slightly more dressed up style where it’s hottest. Combine with a pair of tailored trousers, a stylish wool pullover, a pair of leather shoes, an elegant silk scarf and a leather briefcase. The jacket’s short length and sportier violates the vices of clothing that might otherwise be experienced as well tidy.